Capital of Freedom

This picture was taken a few days ago in Warsaw, on November 3, in front of the Royal Castle, the former official residence of Polish monarchs. The square is named the Royal Castle Square nowadays, and  is a popular meeting place, a hub, for tourists and locals.

Stage of many dramatic scenes, the castle and the square were destroyed by the Nazis in 1944/45 and rebuild under the Soviet occupation of Poland.

The message celebrates 100 years of the Polish sovereignty restitution, accomplished on November 11, 1918, upon the aftermath of World War and the armistice signed on that same day. The translation is ‘Warsaw, Capital of Freedom, 1918 – 2018’. Unfortunately, and in spite of belonging to the European Union and the country’s ambition to become a modern democratic nation, it’s more advertising than truth. In fact, there’s a path to be walked by the Polish, that might start by the rejection of its extreme right ultraconservative government who is a serious obstacle to a true democratisation of the country and respect of human rights, as testified by the Amnesty International Report 2017/18, for Poland.


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