London Urban Wild Art Photography

Londoner: a person from London, England, says wikipedia, among other, not so relevant definitions, for this case. One thing I really love in this city is the turmoil. Something is always happening in the big city. Being born in Lisbon is, according with the wikipedia, a facer to be a Londoner. Nevertheless, I’m a Londoner, because I simply love the city. I love to walk on London streets, to have lunch in Convent Garden, to shop in Oxford Street, to have a drink in Soho or a late brunch in one of the many Cafés. I love to cross bridges and rejoy with the views of all London towers that surround the Tower of London.

The photographs? They are, definitely, urban and Londoner, inasmuch as they were taken during a weekend in London. They are wild, because contrast is the landmark. You’ll find photographs with (too) many pixels divested of information. If contrast is the word, then wild #000000 and #FFFFFF must not be agonised. Why? Because it is wild and, in this case, contrast is what makes it wild, it should be cherished not feared.

I welcome it all. Sometimes I like it smooth, other times I prefer it rough. Just gaze at it, and let you be divided by hard-hitting B&W.

This project on Instagram.

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